This isn’t your regular run-of-the-mill ultrasound education festival.  Being in Alaska, how could it be?  There are tons of activities at the All Alaska Lodge to be had.

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So if fishing is your thing, you’re pretty much guaranteed to catch close to your limit every day here.  Give Bob a call and he’ll tell you about what’s hot during the time you’re there.  He sent us some example pics.  He says these are the baby ones…..


More interested in things that go bang? This area is perfect for Ptarmigan hunts, or big game hunts are also available.  Heck, just give Bob a call.  He’ll customize your activities to whatever you fancy!  See the contact info at the bottom of the page for more info.


If killing animals isn’t your thing or you’re looking for a mellower experience you can still experience the serenity and majestic wildness of Alaska.  Bob will fly you out into the remote areas of Alaska only accessible by float plane and give you an incredible experience.  Just tell him what you want to do….and he can probably make it happen.


For pricing and other information regarding these activities, contact:

Bob Ledda MD
President, All Alaska Outdoors Lodge
Cell 907-953-0473
800-646-4868 (Lodge Main Number)