Cutting Edge Curriculum:

The curriculum for Alaskafest 2013 is both very innovative, and very simple.  The future of medical education is the “flipped classroom” and focusing on hands on skills more than lecture style didactics.  As such, we are offering a very cutting edge program designed based on adult learning theory and set to maximize your learning experience.


Here’s how it works:

1.  You get all the lecture material ahead of time in very easy to consume video format that can be played on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  You watch this material while traveling, while working out, doing the dishes, or wherever you’re able to learn.


2.  The time at the conference will be maximized by serving you dinner each day from 5pm – 6pm and spending that hour reviewing 4 hours worth of didactic material you’ve already consumed and answering your questions.  Then, you will spend the next 3 hours actually practicing the skills you’ve learned and refining your technique under our guidance.  This hands on part is crucial and the didactic consumption ahead of time will allow us to really focus on this.


3.  There are other benefits to this format.  You can watch the video as many times as you want or need to really get it and spend the classroom time focusing on details you need to perfect.  This also allows us to teach you a large amount of material in only half the “on site” time.  That way you can maximize your trip to Alaska and really enjoy the wilderness and beauty around you.


We really do think this is the future of medical education, and we’re gonna give it to you now.  Here are the topics that will be covered each day.  You’ll receive this material to view in the month preceding the actual conference.


Day 1:

  •            Intro
  •            Physics/Knobology
  •            Trauma
  •            Soft Tissue
  •            Vascular Access

Day 2:

  •             Appendix
  •             Small Bowel Obstruction
  •             DVT
  •             Gallbladder
  •             Pelvic Ultrasound
  •             Renal
  •             Ocular

Day 3:

  •             Basic Cardiac
  •             Diastology
  •             Undifferentiated Hypotension (RUSH)
  •             Wall Motion Abnormalities
  •             Cardiac Output

Day 4:

  •             Basic MSK
  •             Sprains/Strains/Tears
  •             Fractures
  •             US Guided Nerve Blocks
  •             US guided Injections