Expect to be WOW’d!

As you’ve come to expect from the Ultrasound Podcast, you will get world class ultrasound education that will change your practice and improve your patient care immediately.  However, that’s not all.  You work hard, and you deserve a break, to get away from it all and recharge.


 So we’ve designed this experience to give you that.  When you wake up in the morning there will be a full breakfast awaiting you.  You’ll then have all day at the majestic All Alaska Lodge to recharge and relax in the incredible surroundings.  Or, if you recharge through activity, then we’ve got you covered also.  You can experience the best fishing and hunting in the world right outside your cabin or on excursions where Bob will fly you into the remote wilderness of Alaska only accessible by float plane.
Or just take a trip out on the plane to relax, watch bears, and enjoy the solitude.
When you get back each day we’ll be waiting for you, to fill your rested, rejuvenated mind with all the ultrasound knowledge we can.  As soon as you arrive the lodge chef will have prepared an incredible meal that you’ll feast on while we teach you with cutting edge lectures and learning material.

Once you’ve had your fill, we will move on to actual hands-on scanning to let you practice the skills you’re learning and solidify your technique so you can translate it to better patient care.  Then go get some REM sleep in your peaceful cabin to let your mind burn that knowledge into your permanent memory.  When you wake up smarter and well-rested…..repeat.
The only problem is that this course will eventually end and you’ll have to go home.  Being rejuvenated and better educated, home may just be a little different when you get back, though.
Hurry, though, this is designed to be a small, intimate course and we can only accommodate a very limited number of guests.